How Do I Access The 8-Week Mentorship?

The 8-Week Mentorship refers to the Traffic module inside the member's area. When you first joined Adtrics Academy, you will notice that no videos are available just yet because this is a LIVE Coaching session, which will occur every Wednesday at 8PM EST (5PM PST) for 8 weeks straight. The session are at least 2 hours long however, it may change depending on your progress and the dynamics of the coaching session. The 8-Week Mentorship is scheduled roughly 4 times a year and depending on your date of enrolment, you will be scheduled to the next available season. 

During the 8-Week mentorship, Fred will be directly coaching you on the exact strategies and tactics to advertise on multiple ad platforms so that you can leverage the skills of media buying into an business. The mentorship program is highly interactive as Fred will unmute you to ask questions. This means it is important that you have speakers and microphones (either built-in one from your laptop or an external one, or a headset) to participate in the coaching session.

To join the 8-Week Mentorship:

  1. Log into your Adtrics Academy member's area.
  2. Under the Traffic module, click on each week's tab (If this is your first time, click on Week 1).
  3. For each week, there may be homework or things that you have to prepare PRIOR to the coaching session. You will also see a button to register for the week's session. Each week will have a different registration link. This means you will have to register every single time to join. 
  4. Once the 8-Week Mentorship is over, the last training module: The Data will be unlocked so you can access the training videos. 

NOTE: Please try your best to make it to the 8-Week Mentorship. If you cannot make it, there will be recording uploaded to the member's area. However, you will not be able to take full advantage because you won't have the ability to ask Fred questions LIVE.